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Modular Construction

Modular Construction


Monadnock’s sister company, CAPSYS Corp., manufactures exceptional large-scale fireproof steel and concrete modular homes and multi-family buildings in its factory at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. These extremely versatile and entirely non-combustible modules can be used to construct buildings up to 12 stories tall. Our in-house engineering staff assists in creating an economical and attractive modular design for almost any kind of residence including; student housing, hotels, townhouses, apartment buildings, affordable housing, supportive housing, and assisted living facilities.

Since 1996 CAPSYS produced over 2 million square feet resulting in almost 2,000 units of housing including low to mid rise homes, multi-family and hotels.

CAPSYS modules are manufactured in a controlled work environment assuring quality construction and efficiency with interiors and systems completed in the factory. Every module is inspected and approved by a third-party, State-approved engineering firm.


As an Energy Star partner and member of the USGBC, CAPSYS is responsive to the need for sustainable construction practices. Many of the materials used in steel framed modular construction qualify for points in the LEED rating system. CAPSYS incorporates sustainable design components and can meet any level LEED certification with the assistance of one of our LEED Accredited Professionals.

The Benefits

Using modular construction can reduce the project schedule up to 50%, resulting in savings on financing and an earlier return on investment. Modular construction can also save 5% to 8% of conventional construction costs. CAPSYS modules can be delivered via roadway or waterway.